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Tube Bags

Tube Bags

Products made from Recycled Inner Tubes - Fantabulous!

TUBe products are hand made by hill tribe women using recycled materials.
Your purchase you provides a sustainable future for them.
TUBe assists disadvantaged communities and ethnic minorities to create social entrepreneurs and achieve self-sufficiency.
We ensure Fair Trade practices and principles.

Recycled products make sense

Buying recycled products that have lived a previous life, is a great way of reducing energy consumption, waste and your own carbon footprint.
Tube bags and tube products are manufactured from used tyre tubes in Chiang Mai, Thailand, that would have otherwise become waste.
How cool is that! 

It’s a triple win.

A win for the environment
A win for the hill tribe ladies 
A little win for your soul, showing off your super-ultra cool eco-friendly/recycled bag.

Hey, when you’re helping out so many causes at once, you can give your ego a little stroke :)

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All our Thai fisherman's pants are purchased using fair trade and ethical principles.
We have a long term relationship with our supplier who pays above award wages to their Thai staff.
A portion of profits goes directly back to assisting disadvantaged young people in Thailand. Feel free to ask us more.